Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Primal Instincts

Anyone who's been in my home since late May will notice one glaring deletion from my pantry. Grains. Of any kind. Yes, we decided to ditch the grains and go Primal after seeing the wonderful changes in energy, skin tone/texture and general shape from my dear friend, Cherie.

It was tough stuff in the first week, as we entered into the "carb flu" stage where your body starts wigging out about the fact that you're no longer pumping it full of the shit and toxins that it's become so used to. It's like withdrawals from drugs. I didn't have it so bad, but my kids were a mess. Luckily they pulled through with enough Paleo/Primal goodies. The changes in my family have been astounding.

1. The kids LOVE their veggies. Seriously, my boys will plow through a green salad with lettuce, spinach, tomatoes and carrots in no time. Broccoli, cauliflower, and cucumbers don't stand a chance when placed in front of them. (Corn and peas are out of out lives. Corn is a grain and peas/beans of any sort are not on the approved list of foods.) They still need some convincing when it come to asparagus, but c'mon....they're kids, not super humans! :)

2. The kids think that FRUIT is a tremendous treat! If I offer my kids an apple, orange, banana, grapes, etc for snack, they are ecstatic! And if I REALLY want to impress them for dessert, all I have to do is bring over a HUGE plate of strawberries, cut melons and pineapple and all of a sudden I'm the best mom ever! Of course they'd still devour a cupcake if given the chance, but they don't turn their noses up anymore at the sweet, natural deliciousness of any type of fruit.

3. The kids have all toned down their craziness and toned up their shapes. My kids were never fat, but they had a bit of kid chub on them. Skinny fat, yunno? Now my little guys look straight up strong. And the fits/freak outs are a lot easier to manage than in the past, you can actually talk them down from the ledge! In the past, once they decided to jump on the crazy train, they were unstoppable. Now, you can actually reason with them.

I'll post more benefits later, but I'm running out of time allotted for this post, so I'll share a glimpse of what my wonderful friend, Cherie, made for dinner while she was in town visiting us.
These bad boys are primal Spicy Bacon & Chicken Poppers and this picture has been borrowed from You can find the recipe for these amazing pieces of heaven here. They are so amazing, I seriously almost cried when I tasted the first one. One of the best things I've ever had in my life. Make them, now.

My friend, Cherie, is just so fantastic. I swear I try to copy her in everything I do, she's just a phenomenal woman. I've copied her in polymer clay, home improvement projects, beloved authors, the list goes on and on. But of all the things that she's every introduced me to, I have to say that I am most appreciative of this lifestyle. I've never felt my body run so cleanly, so efficiently as now. And my skin glows, my shape is slimmer and I am feeling a lot more even keel than in the past. Thank you a thousand times, mon ami!


  1. What a shout-out! That Cherie woman sounds fantastic on paper. The truth is, she is flawed, full of contradictions and insecurities, and VERY lucky to count you as a friend. Love, love, love.

  2. I've heard that Cherie woman has quite a primal man in her life. It's too bad he wasn't mentioned. At all. Not even a little bit. None.

  3. Primal Chris, you will get your day, just you wait! :) Remember how I wrote that I had to wrap this post up quickly? Well, you're planned to be mentioned in the 2nd half, so don't worry your pretty little primal head about it! :)

    Primal Sun, don't you talk that kind of shit about my friend, she's the prettiest, shiniest penny in the world and nothing you can say will ever make me think differently!! :) Love you too!