Thursday, September 15, 2011

Paleo Birthday Cake!

So, since we've gone Paleo this year each of our kids have had a birthday. Girl was the 1st, followed by 1st boy, and finally 2nd boy, yesterday. I made Paleo cupcakes for the girl's birthday, cheated with a flan for the 1st boy's, but yesterday I wanted to make sure 2nd boy didn't feel like the forgotten middle kid, so I went all out. I made a grain free/gluten free/dairy free/sugar free double layer German Chocolate Cake and Paleo Berry Ice Cream (my own recipe for a future blog) for his birthday. It was a big hit, despite all the "frees"!

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  1. YES!!

    I am SOO HAPPY that you found this recipe before my birthday!! You are AMAZING!! Thank you for sharing it with us!! YOU ARE THE BOMB DOT COM!! MWAH!