Saturday, August 6, 2011

If I tell you ONE MORE TIME!!!!

GOOD LORD!!! Today has been a day! Yesterday was a day! Hell, this has been a week! One of THOSE weeks, where the kids decide to test boundaries, barriers and mom's patience!! When my kids are at their best, they are seriously golden. So shiny and cute that I almost think I should snatch pieces of their DNA to start cloning them and giving those clones out to good families for the general betterment of the world. Well...except for the whole soap opera aspect of things where two of the clones who never knew they were genetically brother and sister might accidentally fall in love with each other, never finding out they were biologically related until too late. Broken hearts and in-bred progeny are never really a mother's dream for her kids, so it's good I didn't get my PhD and don't have ready access to any scientific labs. I'm sure I'd be one of those crazy docs who acts first and thinks later, never assessing the downside of the experiment until AFTER my skin turns bubbly green and my hair falls out from drinking my magic elixirs. Yeah. Ok, anyhow....

Then days like these happen and I'm slapped into the reality that these poor children have MY DNA in them as well, which means they are predisposed to tempers, stubbornness and the occasional bout of kooky behavior. Poor babes, they never had a chance! Anyhow, the 3 year old boy is taking a cue from all the middle children in the world before him by acting out in sporadic ways to garner the most attention possible for his actions. Details will be spared, but I am sure that parents everywhere with more than two kids know what I'm talking about. The middle kid that feels the need to march to the beat of a COMPLETELY different drummer, lest they be mistaken for any other ORDINARY sibling. Not the oldest, not the youngest, the middle child is typically NOT OK being the "middle-est" and tries their hardest to make their own mark. I mean, I get it. At least, I think I get it....

I was an oldest, so I'm not really able to personally identify with his plight. To understand my boy more I'm going to have to put a call in to my youngest brother, who is also a middle child. Hopefully he'll be able to give me some insight on how to deal with my littlest guy. I've left him a voice message, but he is a very busy musician, so he may not get back to me until for a while. In the meantime, I'm going to have to be creative. Are any of you out there middle children and, if so, do you have any advice to give?

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