Monday, August 8, 2011

How Does My Nook Look?

Welcome to my entry nook, cozy, huh? This is the spot where everything I'm meaning to get to in the immediate(ish) future gets put so that I don't just plain forget to do it. If I put stuff away, I tend to forget to get it done. Lists work great for me too...when I can find them. I am the queen of writing amazing lists, with time frames, budget projections, the whole nine. Then I promptly tuck my wonderfully organized masterpiece in a nice, wrinkle free folder and put it in a safe place I am sure to remember.....only to forget where such a safe place is. So, this unkempt nook method is not great, it DEFINITELY needs re-tooling, but it's kinda what I got right now.

So, you can see from the photo and my notations (aren't I fancy??) that I've got a real mix of projects going on right now. Some are mundane, like tidying up, and grocery shopping. Some are fun, like the water park and crafting. Some are downright painful, like paying bills and returning stuff. *SIDEBAR* I hate buying something that doesn't end up working out. Not only do I feel the letdown of seeing that my vision of beauty failed miserably, but it also adds another errand to my task list to return the item. I always forget too, even if I put the object in my car and drive directly to the store with the specific purpose of a return. If I have kids with me, they distract me with all the buckling, unbuckling, fight to get in the shopping cart, etc. By the time all that ruckus is finished, I've got laser vision for just getting my herd into the store safely and without screaming my head off in the parking lot to get it done. If I DON'T have the kids with me I'm so shell shocked at my new found and short-lived freedom that I forget (or just plain ignore) the fact that I've got a return. I mean, who wants to stand in a long, boring return line when I've got FREEEEEEEEEDDDOOOOOOOOMMMMMM!!!!! Not me. No way!

Looking at this picture, I'd swear I was a few vinyl records and a bag full of aluminum cans away from being featured on an episode of Hoarders. I really need to find a better system. Or watch a few more episodes of Hoarders so I can scare myself straight for a few more hours. I'll probably just get fascinated with other people's problems and fall to sleep on the couch with lots of resolve to change and then wake up to crying babies with markedly LESS resolve. I'm just being real. :/

Tune in to Nook Look next month to see what I got done!

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  1. TOTALLY LOL'ed at your Hoarder's comment!! Thanks for the laugh and smile!!

    I am on the EDGE of my seat to see how the nook looks next month! As well, as the porch you paint, the parasols, as well as what goodies you make with the coconut stuff, etc.

    YAY!! I love your ramblings!!