Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Let Us Eat Lettuce!

My Darling Dear (as I refer to my little 19 month old daughter) has FINALLY relented to eating the lettuce in her salad, as of lunch-time today! Her normal ritual is to eat all the salad fixings (carrots, cheese, raisins, etc) and then suck off any remaining dressing from the lettuce. The result is a gross, slobbery blob of mistreated greens that NO ONE is interested in finishing for her. Her plate usually ends up in the chickens' scrap bowl.

However, today I watered down the dressing in an attempt to wean my boys from needing so much of it to eat their salads. It just so happens that my little Darling Dear decided all on her own that there wasn't enough dressing to warrant her typical lick/discard routine and committed to chewing and then eating her entire plate of salad greens! Then another! Her father and I sat in awe as she munched and crunched away happily.

I just love unintended bonuses!

Also, in the Good News Report: The boys had a salad eating contest today. Boy 2 ate two huge platefuls and Boy 1 ate three! I guess my diabolical plan of starving them out and then offering only veggies for sustenance is working! Whatever it takes, right? LOL.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sometimes I feel so awkward, I feel like I should punch myself in the face

Today has been chock full of weird pauses, overrun emotions and odd strung out vocabulary.

Sometimes I feel like-----WOW.

Just. WOW.

How is it that I am knocking on the door of 34 and I can't vocalize my thoughts in a cohesive VERBAL exchange? I'm constantly trying to fish words that I KNOW out of my brain and insert them into a sentence in real time, which makes me sound both harried and uneducated. (or uninformed) Then, because I'm completely embarrassed by what has just happened, my emotions come surging up from my heart and into my throat and strangle me, further complicating matters and actually just making my issue worse. It's like I'm stuttering, but I'm tripping over a LACK of words.

I feel so weird. Very lonely and isolated in my inability to converse the way I used to.